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Find your perfect homesite in our latest stages below.

St Germain Design Guidelines

Le Banlieue Release
Stage 18

With a range of lots to meet every family’s needs, Le Banlieue Release is for everyone. We have lot sizes from 224sqm to 539sqm on offer. Only a stone’s throw from Parklands & the Town Centre, St Germain is sure to be a great place for your family.

The Yvelines Release
Stage 17

With lot sizes from 294sqm to 756sqm, the Yvelines Release is for everyone. With a community spirit and feel,
choose a lot to suit your lifestyle, with a wide range of frontages and depths available. Make yourself at home,
at St Germain.

The Sulpician Release
Stage 14

An opportunity to express your true self awaits within. With lot sizes ranging from 336sqm to 675sqm, there are options for the growing family, or the empty-nesters who now have the time to focus on themselves, and the finer things in life.

The Odeon Release
Stage 13

With a combination of park fronted lots, and a mix of depths to suit your lifestyle, the Odéon Release continues
the St Germain tradition of catering for every need. Become a part of our growing community and enjoy your
new way of life.

The Luxembourg Release
Stage 12

The Luxembourg Arrondissement, in Paris, is home to St. Germain, after which our Estate is named.
With only 22 lots, all leading north to the main park, this is your opportunity to secure your future,
and come home to St. Germain.

The Arrondissement Release
Stage 11

We have drawn inspiration from our ‘Sister City’ in Paris, with our Eleventh Stage, or Arrondissement, featuring lots overlooking the estates largest park. With deep lots for ‘Growing Families’, compact lots for ‘Empty Nesters’, and a wide range of traditional lots to suit every lifestyle & budget. Bienvenue a Saint Germain.

Link Release
Stage 10

Embracing our French connection, La Parisienne Release offers a run of lots which are 34m deep,
and offering families the opportunity to secure that big backyard for the kids to play & grow.
With our largest lot to date, at 784sqm, La Parisienne Release offers enough space for all.

Link Release
Stage 9

At the centre of St Germain, between green parks, with links to future shopping hubs & schools, the heart of the village beats to your lifestyle.

Link Release
Stage 8

Connecting you to family and friends, the Link Release offers the convenience of access to major parklands and the retail and medical precinct, while still affording privacy and seclusion.

Stage 7

With a range of lots to meet every family’s needs, the focus of this stage is wide lots & big backyards. Only a stone’s throw from Parklands & the Town Centre, St Germain is sure to be a great place for your family.

Green Release
Stage 6

With the majority of lots overlooking open spaces, this stage is for those who want to be outdoors, living. Centred around the park at the heart of St Germain, it’s time to select your ideal lot.

Pulse Release
Stage 5

In the heart of St Germain, Stage 5 will set your pulse racing. Overlooking a park central to the estate, and designed for lifestyle choices, set your heart on finding the ideal site for your new dream home.

Lifestyle Release
Stage 4

With a range of lot depths, and widths, to suit every lifestyle & budget, Stage 4 allows purchasers to buy something unique to them.

Village Release
Stage 3

Located only a short walk away from the future Town Centre, Stage 3 is a lifestyle choice with a variety of lots to suit everybody.

Park Release
Stage 2

With all allotments fronting the park, or only a simple stroll away along the avenue, Stage Two at St Germain is about open space and larger lots.

Urban Release
Stage 1

The first release at St Germain, close to both town centre and parklands, comprises 52 homesites ranging in size.

House and land packages

Your new home at St Germain could be just a click away. Explore the range of options created by some of Australia’s leading builders and you may find your dream home.