Terms & Conditions – 10% off Titled Land Promotion

  1. Promotional offer of 10% off St. Germain titled land purchases for deposits taken until 16th December 2019 or until all titled lots are sold, and is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.
  2. Total discount will amount to 10% of the list price, broken into two parts.
  3. Part 1: The Price in the contract will be discounted by an amount of less than 10% of the list price.
  4. Part 2: If the Purchaser meets the rebate requirements, the Purchaser shall be entitled to a further rebate amounting to 10% List Price less the amount by which the contract price is reduced under Part 1.
  5.  Rebate requirements:
    (a) The slab for a residence approved in accordance with the contract must be completed to the
    Vendor’s satisfaction within 90 days of the settlement date.
    (b) The Purchaser must comply with the contract of sale at all times.
  6.  Rebate payable 14 days after a valid claim.
  7. St. Germain reserves the right to withdraw or alter the promotion and its offer at any time without notice.

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