3 September 2021


St. Germain News Winter Edition

The St. Germain News Winter Edition, delivered free to all St. Germain residents!

In our latest newsletter, you will read about recent events and happenings in and around our wonderful community. The winter edition includes:

  • The impending launch of Ascent at St. Germain
  • An update on construction of the Bells Road extension
  • Construction update on the St. Germain Central retail precinct
  • A rundown of the new schools nearby

St. Germain News will be delivered free to all residents’ mailboxes in the next few weeks, but you can also download it here.

If you have a question about anything discussed in St. Germain News, or about a topic you think would be of interest to our community and should appear in our next edition, please email your question to: residents@stgermain.com.au.

And don’t forget to keep an eye open for the Spring edition of St. Germain News!

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